The 9gag Gang

My friends and I are crazy over this web site called ‘9gag’. It’s a comedy site that puts up hilarious photos, GIFs, and short videos about anything and everything on their page. Sometimes, they quote celebrities that accidentally blurt out the funniest things. More often than not, however, their jokes and gags are oozing with sarcasm that just makes you want to laugh your heart out. This is why 9gag, over time, has accumulated millions of patrons from all over the world.

There’s a down side though. Sometimes, 9gag becomes the root of cyber bullying and even cyber fights. When one person leaves a comment on a post, sometimes another person starts bashing him and everyone who’s bored or happens to read the conversation joins in. A lot of people are bullied in 9gag—even celebrities with scandalous photos such as Beyonce’s VMA picture where she looks like a bouncer. It’s common knowledge that there’s a thin line between having fun and making fun of people, but with the context of 9gag being a comedy web page, I think it’s all good.

A Back-up DJ for my Wedding

My fiance’s bestfriend Joey was supposed to be the dj for my wedding. But three days before the wedding day, his father called and he was assigned to troubleshoot a machine trouble in his father’s factory in Mexico. It was his expertise. He promised us that he would do his best to be back few hours before the wedding but advised us to look for a back-up in case he couldn’t do it.

Good thing my auntie knew the owner of a local DJ company. She contacted him and requested for a jd who’s witty, professional and most of all good at spinning music. He was able to give one and the next few hours were spent in discussing the music that we wanted. Joey might not be able to make it but we assured him that there’s no need for him to worry.

Teen’s Culture In Other Country

I am not against how the other teens in other country treat their family, especially their parents. But my concern about the liberated and peer pressured side of the teenagers are strongly not prohibited in our place. I know that in their early age, they have established the territory in their respective houses and being independent is pushed to them in able to stand on their own at the age of eighteen.

Eighteen years old in my country still lives with their parents even up to have a spouse and children. Most of the family cultures here are extended family, and closeness matters. Back to the teens of the other country, the matured side of them releases maybe through their environment, their culture and their law. At the early age, they are highly motivated to have their own jobs to sustain their independent living. The freedom is easily get, once they reached the legal age. They are unstoppable, yet worthy somehow.

My Sleeping Problem

I’ve been dealing with insomnia for 2 years now. After giving-up caffeine after 3 in the afternoon, and assenting to take melatonin, nothing has worked. I’m scared to start sleep medication for the terror that I may be addicted to it; and if there’s something that I hate more than having insomnia is being an addict of any kind. So I’m suffering from tired eyes, eyes bags, and the desire to sleep while I’m driving yet no urge to close my eyes at night.

When I lay awake at night and cannot sleep, I try to write songs, it is like I'm so frustrated about it and I just put it all down on paper and play my ukulele electric acoustic all night long. It doesn't make me sleep but it takes my mind off things and it helps me avoid being paranoid. I think I would have gone insane, well, I should say… more insane if I didn't have music.

Massage your stress out of your mind

My sister Jane has been under severe stress due to her work, she works nearly 10 hours per day and she also has her children to take care, and you know how children are, they take a lot of energy from you. So I thought that I should suggest her something so that she could release some of the pressure out of her.

Jane has always been a fanatic with everything connected with the body and ways to care for it, so I decided to show her these massage workshops, it’s something that she always wanted to do and now she has the opportunity to do it, isn’t it great? Now she can relieve her stress.

Liar Liar Pants On Fire

There are three things I hate the most; roaches, unhygienic people, and liars. I can tolerate the first two; it is the latter that makes me very mad. Based on a study, people tell at least 10 or more white lies every day. That does not even include the heavy lies that they conjure to save face.

I am not a saint myself, and sometimes, I do lie to prevent a possible rift. When a friend asks me something, and I know the answer will really hurt her feelings, I just could not help but soften the blow a little through a white lie. She will ask, "Am I fat?" I will say that she is just bloated around the middle, though I know that she is tipping the weighing scale.

However, that does not make me an evil person. True liars in the meantime sprout lies every time they open their mouth. They do this because they want to manipulate the people around them. Their lie is often accompanied by cheating, stealing, and other evil deeds that you can think of. I have learned to steer clear of these individuals. The lies they tell are so convincing that they believe it themselves, and that is dangerous.

A Home Office Splurge

I recently converted one of the rooms in our house into a home office. Since I love anything made with wood, I decided to make it the key design for the whole room. I got a huge oak desk for my computer, as well as a rattan office chair where I could sit comfortably.

As for my storage, I bought lots of wood box, which I piled next to my desk. It serves as a filing cabinet of sorts, and comes in handy when I have papers to store. Because of its strategic location, I could easily reach out to the boxes and get whatever I need. My home office is now as cozy is I dreamt it would be.