Converting Midi File to CV for Better Sound Quality

It’s a known fact that Midi files consume a very small amount of space on disks, and it’s the main reason why midi keeps on being popular for many people. But goes with it are a lot of disadvantages as well, especially when it comes to the quality of sound and that quality’s stability. People who love music are normally no big fans of the Midi format, though they are still popular as mobile ringtones or karaoke for a lot of people. To therefore many people consider choosing cv over midi. And using akai midi to cv converter is the best thing they can do. Converting Midi files is also way faster and easier to use than other making a new file.

Giving Valentine Gifts to Cherish

Today’s lovers are looking into what gifts to give on this special day. However, it should depend on what your partner wishes and how much you can afford.

I remember years back, I had a boyfriend whom I said yes on Valentine’s Day. He asked me out on dinner dates several times until he finally asked me if we can be together officially. Not knowing what will happen, he handed me a well designed bracelet that I really adored. He says this is our friendship band and that I should wear it for as long as we were together.

We both celebrated our month’s anniversary with dinner at a local restaurant. It kept like that until we reached Valentine’s the following year. Both of us exchanged simple gifts like flowers, cards, chocolates, champagnes, perfumes, or jewelries. But one thing I can never forget he gave me was expensive lingerie.

Homebody Tasks Includes House Repairs

I have been a very outgoing person. I used to go to places, jump from province to province and even live there. But everything has changed when I was pregnant. I chose to stay at home because that is what I thought will be the best for my baby. I was not confident enough that I have eaten nutritious foods during my first trimester. During my second trimester, I often feel dizzy and one time, I even fainted.

Since I am a stay at home mom, I have to familiarize myself where the cooking utensils are and must know a bit of fixing stuffs in our house. One time, my dad was fixing something on our garage. He looks disappointed and told me to buyheatshrink tubing. I felt blank on what exactly it was. Maybe my dad realized that. He stood up, fixed his things and said that he should better be the one to buy that.

My Father’s Dating Rules

I remember when I was still single, young and living under my father’s roof dating was an off limit word and a scary action for me.

Since my father has six daughters I am pretty sure that he got really tired when it comes to saying no’s to boys asking him if they can date his daughters. So eventually he gave in and allow those above 18 years of age to start dating. With that condition came 3 simple rules. First rule is he must know about the schedule date 2 weeks before the actual date. Second, the guy needs to spend the 2 hours for 2 weekends with him prior to the date. Third, curfew is at 10pm. 1 out 3 survived it but most cancel the date after the first 2 hours with my dad. For those guys who gave up too easy, he would tell us that the guy doesn’t even deserve a minute of our time. And we would always believe him.

I had so much fun with my dad when I was growing up. He taught me so many things that I can surely use now that I am a parent myself.

Getting Pedicures is Manly Too!

Most men tend to turn away when pampering topics starts popping up in conversation, because they think it is not what men do. They believe that men would only require a bath and that’s it, everything is clean as they can be.

Pedicures are foot care the cosmetic care for the foot, not just the toe nails, like what most men think it is, which means that it also involves the sides and bottom of the foot, which could really use some deep cleaning as well. When you pedicure, you would not only clean the nails, but also the dead skin cells in the other parts of the foot as well. A pedicure doesn’t require the coloring of nails, again another misconception about pedicures, so it shouldn’t be a worry for men wanting pedicure.

Whether male or female, taking of our body is a must, because this is the only one we got, that is why it is not bad to treat yourself to stuff like manicures and pedicures every once in a while. And if you are interested about massage you may also check at river north massage therapy center. They offer an excellent services to reach your needs.

The 9gag Gang

My friends and I are crazy over this web site called ‘9gag’. It’s a comedy site that puts up hilarious photos, GIFs, and short videos about anything and everything on their page. Sometimes, they quote celebrities that accidentally blurt out the funniest things. More often than not, however, their jokes and gags are oozing with sarcasm that just makes you want to laugh your heart out. This is why 9gag, over time, has accumulated millions of patrons from all over the world.

There’s a down side though. Sometimes, 9gag becomes the root of cyber bullying and even cyber fights. When one person leaves a comment on a post, sometimes another person starts bashing him and everyone who’s bored or happens to read the conversation joins in. A lot of people are bullied in 9gag—even celebrities with scandalous photos such as Beyonce’s VMA picture where she looks like a bouncer. It’s common knowledge that there’s a thin line between having fun and making fun of people, but with the context of 9gag being a comedy web page, I think it’s all good.

A Back-up DJ for my Wedding

My fiance’s bestfriend Joey was supposed to be the dj for my wedding. But three days before the wedding day, his father called and he was assigned to troubleshoot a machine trouble in his father’s factory in Mexico. It was his expertise. He promised us that he would do his best to be back few hours before the wedding but advised us to look for a back-up in case he couldn’t do it.

Good thing my auntie knew the owner of a local DJ company. She contacted him and requested for a jd who’s witty, professional and most of all good at spinning music. He was able to give one and the next few hours were spent in discussing the music that we wanted. Joey might not be able to make it but we assured him that there’s no need for him to worry.