Best Friend Betrayal of Trust

I don’t have a lot of best friends during my school day. But my sister has a lot of girl friends. Well, one thing for sure, my sister is popular at school and I am not. We are two opposite sisters with different personality. One of my sister’s friends betrayed her by dating the boy my sister liked. And, the best friend actually knows that my sister likes the boy. I think it is a mean thing to do. My sister is too nice. She cried a lot and confesses to me.

I console her and ask her to stay away from her best friend since. If her best friend chooses to grab the boy she likes and she knew about it, then she is not the best girl friend. She can find someone else who appreciate her more. Also for the boy, I think the boy only dating the girl because of some betting with his friends. I said to my sister that the boy and the girl don’t deserve my sister affection. Getting betrayed by someone you trust is really a painful thing.

I Love To Travel Any Time

There is one thing I love most than anything it is to travel any time. I wish I have a lot of money and don’t have to be worried about anything. I will spend my entire days travelling around the world and getting new experience every day. Just pack up my bag and go. I don’t like to do thing by myself, so travelling in groups is not an option for me.

I will plan my own itinerary and explore the city to my liking. I will be back at home maybe for a couple of weeks and then start the new adventure on new city in the foreign country. That will be my dream. Unfortunately, most recent set back on my health is one of the obstacles for that dream to happen. I wish that I don’t have to worry about money and health. Well, I guess everyone think the same think. That’s why I always wish for my health and my family health every New Year.

Walking but Not Walking

My cousin’s daughter is learning how to walk around. She can stand up from sitting position. But, as she stands up she continues to search for someone’s hand to hold her. She is still not confident enough to stand on her own. She is so adorable, especially when trying to find someone else hand to hold her.

I don’t know when she will be able to walk. She is already 13 months old. I am sure she will walk someday. Everything she does is cute things for me. There is no other little baby in the family, so her presence is a warming welcome to the entire family. I always find myself missing her all the time. I miss her cute smile and her adorable expression. I hope she can walk faster and be able to talk with me. I can’t wait to hear what she has to say. Right now, she just try to mimic everything I told her.

Let Her Go by the Passengers

The Passengers released a really great song called Let Her Go. My niece loved it so much because she heard it from the TV series Vampire Diaries. This British songwriter singer shot up to fame because of this song. My niece liked because the scene where she first encountered the song had Ian Somerhalder pining after Nina Dobrev who are main characters in the Vampire Diaries. It was so touching and bewildering, perfect for the song because the scene is a break up scene.

Let Her Go is nominated for the Brit Ward this year, even if the music video was produced by an Australian. Last October a singer in The X Factor Italy sung this song accompanied by a great piano version of the song. Since then there have been innumerable versions of the song due to the beautiful meaning and great accompaniment. This is one for the love sick puppies out there who needs a heartbreak song to steer them out of the dark and inspire them to let go.

Converting Midi File to CV for Better Sound Quality

It’s a known fact that Midi files consume a very small amount of space on disks, and it’s the main reason why midi keeps on being popular for many people. But goes with it are a lot of disadvantages as well, especially when it comes to the quality of sound and that quality’s stability. People who love music are normally no big fans of the Midi format, though they are still popular as mobile ringtones or karaoke for a lot of people. To therefore many people consider choosing cv over midi. And using akai midi to cv converter is the best thing they can do. Converting Midi files is also way faster and easier to use than other making a new file.

Giving Valentine Gifts to Cherish

Today’s lovers are looking into what gifts to give on this special day. However, it should depend on what your partner wishes and how much you can afford.

I remember years back, I had a boyfriend whom I said yes on Valentine’s Day. He asked me out on dinner dates several times until he finally asked me if we can be together officially. Not knowing what will happen, he handed me a well designed bracelet that I really adored. He says this is our friendship band and that I should wear it for as long as we were together.

We both celebrated our month’s anniversary with dinner at a local restaurant. It kept like that until we reached Valentine’s the following year. Both of us exchanged simple gifts like flowers, cards, chocolates, champagnes, perfumes, or jewelries. But one thing I can never forget he gave me was expensive lingerie.

Homebody Tasks Includes House Repairs

I have been a very outgoing person. I used to go to places, jump from province to province and even live there. But everything has changed when I was pregnant. I chose to stay at home because that is what I thought will be the best for my baby. I was not confident enough that I have eaten nutritious foods during my first trimester. During my second trimester, I often feel dizzy and one time, I even fainted.

Since I am a stay at home mom, I have to familiarize myself where the cooking utensils are and must know a bit of fixing stuffs in our house. One time, my dad was fixing something on our garage. He looks disappointed and told me to buyheatshrink tubing. I felt blank on what exactly it was. Maybe my dad realized that. He stood up, fixed his things and said that he should better be the one to buy that.